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Flexible solutions for your over-dimensional freight needs

Companies that work in the industrial field face many challenges while striving to increase efficiency. Bulky, large, and hard-to-stack cargo requires special handling, high volumes of carrier capacity, and robust transportation management.

With our flatbed capabilities and heavy haul transportation solutions, we can arrange heavy, wide, long and over-dimensional machinery shipments of any complexity. Large equipment and supplies that are often moved to remote areas require accurate handling, special permits, and on-time delivery.

Boost your bottom line with PLS Logistics Services

Thanks to our experience handling heavy hauls all across North America, we can provide a customized service to fit your business needs. Whether you need a flatbed, RGN, drop deck or hotshot shipment, valves, pipes, heavy haul freight, equipment or supplies, PLS is ready to move.

We make sure that your over-dimensional shipment is delivered on time, every time. We have the largest network of reputable specialized carriers with equipment and capacity to move your freight, regardless of size, dimensions, and type.

PLS PRO for heavy haul logistics management

Our advanced technology solutions make heavy haul logistics easier than ever before. Access and track information about the shipment online with our convenient transportation management system – PLS PRO.

We take care of everything, from securing your cargo to providing pull carts, escorts or survey trucks. We get the job done, saving you time and money.

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