Managed Transportation Services

Improve Transportation Performance and Keep Control of Overall Strategy

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Whether you need to manage a single mode or an entire transportation network, we can handle it and provide transportation management services.

How PLS can help your business through transportation management services:

  • Integrate a transportation management system (TMS)
  • Keep transportation goals aligned with the organization’s goals
  • Ensure effective operations and an efficient supply chain
  • Gather data and gain new insight through customized reports
  • Cost and time savings

PLS has the resources to help you with transportation management through our in-house developed and operated TMS, carrier relationships, competitive rates, and reporting capabilities.

How does managed transportation work?

Transportation management services include a wide scope of offerings from a third-party logistics company. MTS not only includes access to a TMS, but a 3PL will operate and monitor the TMS for a company as part of the transportation services offered.

These services are more collaborative in nature and have a transactional pay structure. A 3PL will operate a TMS for you and still run any or all of the transportation functions you want them to and when you want them to. The 3PL still acts as an outsourced transportation

Gain the visibility, resources, and expertise you need to excel in today’s transportation environment. With PLS’ managed transportation solutions, you gain complete control over the level of our involvement, keep track of the operation, and get regular financial reporting!

Increase your bottom line with PLS’ transportation management services

Maintain control

With PLS’ transportation management services, you decide how involved PLS is with your transportation initiatives. We can carry out all day-to-day functions while you handle the overall strategy, or we will use our TMS, PLS PRO, to boost your transportation operations. Our custom-developed transportation management system can help you excel in load management and save operational costs. You decide which operations you want to outsource. You can use the technology and manage it yourself, or work with our experienced team to have them manage it for you.


Improve your transportation department’s efficiency by centralizing TMS technology throughout your business. We can work behind the scenes while you manage and monitor the transport decisions that are best for your business. PLS will enable you to eliminate tedious day-to-day activities and provide customized monthly reports comparing current and historical data. Our systems easily integrate into your supply chain, so the process of transportation management gets easier and more efficient.

Cost savings

Apart from time-efficiency, outsourcing your transportation can significantly reduce overall transportation costs. Our logistics experience allows your transportation department to operate as lean as possible, which reduces unwanted spends.


We will help your business grow while you meet customer demands. We work with your data to proactively find solutions to any of your transportation problems. PLS finds ways to improve your operating cost structure and increase revenue, all while reducing your overall transportation spend. We act as an extension of your business and manage as much or as little of your transportation as needed.


Using our transportation management services is a great way to complement your supply chain strategy. We have internal logistics experts with experience in a wide array of industries. We are experts at running our own TMS and will use it to best optimize your supply chain, with no effort required on your part. PLS carries out your everyday initiatives and allows your transportation department to operate as efficiently as possible.


Shippers often face many changes in the industry, such as fluctuating fuel costs, the ongoing driver shortage, and tight capacity, and various supply chain disruptions. At PLS, we have a trusted relationship with more than 45,000 carriers to empower you to get your deliveries picked up and delivered on time. We enable shippers through our tools and expertise with strategic advice, inbound MRO and risk mitigation.

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We have the capacity to fill the gaps in your supply chain with our extensive carrier network and custom TMS that lets you stay on top of every load.

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