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Take Control and Save on Inbound Freight

Improve your entire transportation process once you monitor and manage inbound freight shipments.

At PLS, our focus is to optimize freight cost savings and maintain successful on-time pick ups and deliveries for your business . Managing your own inbound shipments can bring immediate freight savings, but the most significant advantage from PLS’ Inbound Logistics solution is the overall increase in control of your supply chain.

90 percent of shipping executives report inefficiencies in their inbound processes. Shippers can often overpay on inbound shipments due to inability to track freight in real time and gain full transparency into rates. It is important to build reliable relationships with your vendors to help support the importance of efficient inbound freight management.

Why partner with PLS?

Inbound loads are a lifeblood for the companies, and account for a large percentage of overall transportation spends. Inbound freight management can mitigate unwanted costs and help businesses get more visibility into inbound shipping processes. We take full responsibility of managing vendors, including phone calls, emails, checking orders, and reviewing the BOL, which lets you focus your time on important business activities.Outsourcing your inbound freight management to a logistics provider will yield increased profitability, production, and administrative support.By partnering with PLS, you will improve the visibility and efficiency of inbound freight management. Gain complete control of inbound freight, and store only the inventory you need.

We provide a wide range of inbound freight management services:

  • Inbound shipment planning (flatbed, LTL and van)
  • Vendor compliance management
  • Carrier rate negotiation
  • Monitoring of safety, insurance, and performance
  • Automated tendering and dispatch
  • Dock scheduling
  • Tracking to shipment, part number level
  • Expediting and event management
  • Spot lane rate quotes
  • Freight audit/payment
  • Claims management
  • Standard and customized reporting

Managing inbound freight means warranting an efficient and cost-effective movement of raw materials and goods coming into a facility. Improving inbound freight management provides a significant opportunity to reduce costs.

Companies gain more control of these costs when they choose to make inbound freight management a supply chain priority. With vendor management, attention is focused on shipment integrity, customer satisfaction and tracking information.

Inbound freight management should be a priority in your transportation strategy because most suppliers bundle shipping services into their prices, causing you to overpay. When you outsource inbound freight management to PLS, we focus on shipment integrity, delivery performance, overall satisfaction and tracking information. Our web based TMS, PLS PRO, makes all inbound shipment information visible in real time.

Other benefits of partnering with PLS include:

  • PLS maximizes cost savings based on service parameters that our clients specify
  • We minimize the number of carriers needed, therefore reducing unloading time
  • Our clients have increased visibility – they only need to visit one site or review one report to track shipments versus having multiple sites to visit or no visibility at all
  • PLS customers save an average of 20 percent on their inbound freight

PLS is able to monitor and route freight to the proper carrier for clients in an effort to optimize freight cost savings and maintain successful on-time pickup and shipment delivery. We will take full responsibility of managing these vendors, from phone calls, emails, checking purchase orders, capturing key reference numbers, reviewing the BOL and validating prior to booking shipments. We will actively monitor and aid in “vendor offender” situations, which means we’ll make sure that vendors don’t use their preferred carriers if that means a higher cost to you.

PLS has one of the largest carrier networks in North America, which ensures reliable capacity and on-time delivery. By partnering with PLS, you will improve the visibility and efficiency of inbound freight management. Control when materials hit your dock, and store only the inventory you need. Prevent dock door back-ups and eliminate detention costs with PLS’ dock scheduling module. You will be able to schedule unloading crews based on shipment delivery, actively monitor shipments in-transit, and eliminate the need to manually receive, scan and approve paper invoices.

To determine the savings potential of taking control of your inbound freight, contact
us now for a free assessment! A PLS freight specialist will meet with you to review the data we require to perform a detailed financial analysis.

Inbound freight management

LTL Technology

Our transportation management system provides you with real-time freight track and trace capabilities. Real-time notifications let you, your customer and your vendor know when your freight will be arriving.
Inbound freight management

Flatbed Shipping

We have one of the most extensive flatbed trucking networks in the industry, allowing us to secure the capacity necessary to handle all of your flatbed shipping needs.
Inbound freight management

Expedited LTL Shipping

Even if you need to move LTL freight on a moment’s notice, we’ll have a carrier ready. We can reach out to our extensive network so you can always be confident with time-sensitive shipments.
Inbound freight management

Specialized Shipping

We monitor your specialized freight shipments to ensure they are delivered to the destination on-time. If a disruption occurs, we will notify you in real-time so that you can alert your customers.
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Inbound freight management

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