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The modern logistics market requires all its members to develop their flexibility and look for ways of responding to a challenge. While seeking new opportunities and implementing industry innovations, shippers also massively rely on last-minute shipments practice. 

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Benefits of last-minute shipments 

Recent studies prove that more than 90% of US online buyers seek to purchase products at lower prices, which often makes them delay their shopping to sales periods. This practice can test supply chains as shippers must move products quickly to refill store shelves and warehouses. Preparing for these last-minute shipments can save shippers from breaking important deadlines during seasonal sales.  

Last-minute shipments get especially relevant closer to the holiday period when customer demand drives the shipping pace of all businesses. Intense order processing does not leave much space for consecutive planning and performing hassle-free shipping operations. If appropriately managed, however, last-minute shipments can become a perfect solution for times of proactive order fulfillment. 

Besides, last-minute shipping creates an excellent opportunity for brand promotion campaigns. Nowadays, buyers increasingly prioritize timely delivery and treat it as a distinguishing brand feature. It will significantly drive customer preferences toward your business if you can meet your buyers’ requirements despite tight deadlines. 

Finally, last-minute shipments create space for implementing demand forecasting techniques. Highlighting customer choices in moments of hesitation and rapid shopping can help you spot potentially popular and beneficial products to invest in later. Also, you will detect the optimal market price for certain products your buyers easily accept. 

Last-minute shipments management: best practices 

Last-minute shipment management remains complex but demands fast decisions and a flexible logistics strategy that allows you to execute your deliveries in multiple ways. Several advanced practices will help you set up the process correctly. 

Speeding up order processing 

Efficient last-minute shipping primarily depends on your order processing speed – the faster you process purchases, the easier securing the needed capacity is. However, streamlining the order processing does not mean decreasing customer service quality or excluding specific steps in the process. No matter the circumstances, you must remain organized and attentive to your buyers.  

Today, resolving the paradox of exemplary yet fast service lies in technology. Using the audit data, you can determine the most time-consuming operations of order processing and optimize them with appropriate software and automation tools. These features will allow you to work on booking transportation capacity immediately after confirming purchases so that the packages are ready for pick-up as soon as a trucking unit arrives. 

Leveraging local carrier services 

Collaborating with local carriers can significantly facilitate last-minute delivery for moderate distances. In terms of tight capacity, booking with nearby shipping services can guarantee to satisfy the demand of local customers. If those make up a significant part of your clients, such a strategy will ideally respond to the limited capacity challenge. 

In addition, cooperating with local carriers can develop your smaller-scape network of partners, which you will be able to address in future shipments. This strong business relationship will help you land reasonable shipping prices and personalized logistics service. 

Addressing the spot freight market 

Despite the operational complexity, last-minute shipments must stay affordable to generate profit. For this reason, shippers address the spot freight market, which offers hot transportation deals in case of quick application. Even if this practice is not typical for you in normal conditions, using spot shipments for last-minute delivery is justifiable. 

Your success in the spot freight market depends on the timely response to the shipping offers. If you organize all core activities like order processing correctly, you will be able to book a spot shipment in a few clicks. Such options are typically cheaper than standard shipping quotes, positively impacting your logistics budget.  

Using shipment consolidation 

A typical situation for the increasingly saturated logistics market must include the high time for booking a shipment. Nevertheless, shippers still look for cost-saving possibilities even for last-minute movements. Given this, it is reasonable to consider consolidating freight with other suppliers.  

Such an approach creates a win-win situation for shippers already having a carrier set up and those contributing to the final delivery cost by including their cargo. Shipping consolidation can be a cost-effective solution for shippers who either cannot find a suitable vehicle unit or do not require the whole space of a truck. 

Cooperating with a 3PL 

Managing multiple last-minute deliveries in tense logistics conditions like peak seasons or massive holiday shopping is undoubtedly challenging. Shippers often skip last-minute opportunities in fear of strict time frames leaving no space for thorough planning or money losses. However, last-minute shipments prove financially advantageous at the end of the day. 

Partnering with a reliable 3PL service is key to successfully delegating your last-minute transit operations. Due to possessing vital resources like freight brokerage, management systems, and customer support, shipping providers can organize urgent deliveries much faster and supervise them accordingly. 

PLS Logistics Services is one of the leaders in convenient and seamless shipment booking, which is incredibly helpful for arranging last-minute transportation. Our teamwork and innovative logistics software will help you experience the benefits of proactive shipping. Get a quote today! 

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