How Mid-Sized Businesses Can Benefit From A 3PL

Market conditions make freight shipping and logistics a top expense for small and mid-sized businesses, which is why many look to a 3PL to help best serve their customers and business objectives.

With more competition arising among the market, it has become extremely challenging for small and mid-sized businesses to efficiently manage their supply chains. Today, customers expect a high standard of quality service, which normally includes a fast and reliable shipping experience.

Freight shipping costs are one of the most compelling reasons to outsource logistics to a 3PL. Today’s market conditions make freight shipping and logistics a top expense for small and mid-sized businesses. Finding better ways to manage shipments and reduce freight costs has quickly become a priority for companies. In order to have proficient supply chain management, businesses often turn to a 3PL for help.

Outsourcing logistics to a 3PL is a great decision that allows you to focus on your business’s core competencies. In addition to time and money savings, third-party logistics providers can help your business in many other ways.


  • 73% of shippers agree that 3pl’s provide advanced ways to improve logistics efficiency
  • 71% of shippers agree that 3pl’s have reduced overall logistics costs
  • 81% of shippers agree that 3pl’s have improved services for their customers
  • 61% more shippers started to outsource logistics services in 2018


  • 81% Domestic
  • 71% International
  • 69% Warehousing
  • 50% Freight forwarding
  • 40% Customs brokerage



An experienced 3PL provider leverages a wide network of carriers with trusted relationships. This gives a 3PL buying power to negotiate exclusive rates for your company. 3PL’s work with thousands of carriers to give businesses access to lower freight rates than if they were to search themselves. A 3PL can provide you with the best routes, supply chain optimization, and look into your costs and operations. It is a one-stop-shop for most of your logistics needs like warehousing, technology, and a logistics team.


Shipment visibility is critical for a smooth supply chain. Good logistics providers have special technology, like transportation management systems, that gives you the ability to streamline processes and track shipments. The more transparency you have into your supply chain, the easier it is to manage. High visibility into shipments lets companies analyze gaps and eliminate them effectively. With 3PL’s technology, you get all of your data organized in one place.


One of the primary advantages of working with a 3PL is gaining unlimited access to carrier capacity. Instead of connecting with thousands of carriers on your own, you can use the buying power of an experienced 3PL. Regardless of your freight type and volume, a 3PL can provide you with guaranteed capacity.


Logistics professionals can take over the burden of managing your entire supply chain. It is crucial to analyze and define gaps in your current strategy to optimize it. With the help of a 3PL, you can eliminate waste operations and reduce unnecessary costs to enhance your business’s overall performance.


Developing a custom approach for your company helps 3PL’s reduce your transportation costs and optimize your supply chain. A seasoned logistics provider will learn your business’s characteristics and needs so that they can provide you with useful solutions (for example, freight consolidation or choosing a transportation mode).

PLS Logistics Services has three decades of experience as one of the country’s leading 3PL providers. Our mission is to enhance your business flow with robust freight and supply chain management solutions.

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