Best Practices for Improving FTL Strategy


In today’s tight market, comprehensive truckload freight management can be difficult. Shippers want to keep their customers happy, improve their performance, and stay within their budget. This is why businesses are looking for strategies to acquire truckload freight capacity and hire high-performing carriers. There are several recommended practices that can improve your truckload freight performance if you’re looking to optimize your FTL strategy.

How to improve FTL strategy?

Extending carrier network

The key to having greater freight capacity opportunities is to have a large pool of dependable, high-service level truckload carriers. When you have a variety of options, you’re more likely to discover the capacity you need for your specific freight needs. Make sure to keep a network of carriers on hand or engage with logistics service. They will connect you with thousands of regional and national carriers.

Boost lead time

The performance of your truckload freight is highly dependent on lead times. To begin with, a longer lead time boosts your chances of obtaining the best transportation choice in terms of service, equipment, and cost. Aside from that, having more room to reserve the truck means you’ll be able to predict delivery dates with greater accuracy. It is feasible to arrange shipments with a lead time of 5-6 days or more. However, the longer the time between placing an order and closing a contract, the more likely your package will be successfully delivered.

Use TMS or the help of a 3PL

Without appropriately developed software, it’s nearly impossible to manage and optimize freight transportation. Having a dependable transportation management system allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of tracking and analyzing past and current shipments. Besides, you’ll be able to forecast and plan future shipments. With a TMS,  you can smoothly manage your truckload freight, as you can search carriers in your area, plan shipments, record data, track and analyze freight performance, and uncover gaps and opportunities for optimizing any process you can think of.

Cooperating with a 3PL

In general, advanced and well-thought-out preparation is the key to high-performing FTL freight. A transportation management system provides you with a detailed picture of your freight transportation process. On the other hand, expanding your carrier network and shortening lead times could help you improve operational performance and save money.

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