Beginner’s Guide to PLS PRO, Transportation Management System

guide to transportation management system

TMS software is credited for saving companies money; those who manage transportation poorly spend $53 for every $1,000 of total spend on outbound transportation, while those utilizing a TMS only spend $6.35 per $1,000.

PLS created a SaaS-based software, PLS PRO, that is highly configurable, adaptable and dynamic. PLS PRO is an online transportation management tool that enables shippers to oversee, operate and adjust shipments using a centralized network – regardless of shipment size or customer requirement. PLS built PLS PRO to be a simple, effective way to monitor logistics processes.

Guide to Our Transportation Management System, PLS PRO

“Our TMS allows clients to spend less time managing freight movements and focus on their core business objectives,” says Greg Burns, PLS CEO, and President. PLS PRO can integrate and modify changes seamlessly and quickly. PLS PRO displays visibility across a client’s portfolio of shipments and functions through a centralized database, providing actionable intelligence on the data.

Case Study: A leading scaffolding, insulation and fireproofing company responsible for job site deliveries with multi-shipment orders incorporated PLS’ proprietary TMS, PLS PRO. As a result, the client saw an 11% cost reduction in core carrier program freight costs, a 5% cost reduction in overflow shipments, and eliminated monthly payments to a third party payment service provider. The client achieved their 98% on-time delivery goal while improving operational efficiency through online shipment requests and dock scheduling.

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Clients today want self-service technologies to empower decision-making. Burns says, “They do not want to go and talk to 100 trucking firms. They want a technology that allows them to quickly find the best trucking firm specific to their needs, with the best service performance.”


PLS PRO enables managers to control, design and fine-tune their transportation across various locations. With the PLS PRO TMS software, shipper-clients can choose the highest or lowest priced carrier, can limit options to its three most-preferred carriers, and choose a carrier based on location. The TMS’ dock scheduling and management module plan the dock for reloading, tracking, and tracing. The optimization engine monitors transported shipments, a truck’s capability to contain the shipment and optimization of routes. Users can analyze KPIs and keep specific metrics on the dashboard.

TMS technology supports a shipper’s desire to lower transportation rates – with the help of a TMS, shippers remove inefficiencies and focus on more efficient modes, lanes, and processes.

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PLS Logistics Services was featured in Logistics Tech Outlook magazine in November 2016 as the company of the month, a top 3PL technology solutions provider, and a transportation and technology service provider that offers shippers dependable, cost-effective solutions. Click here to read the full article.

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