7 Benefits of Centralized Transportation Management


If your business is interested in increasing visibility, improving performance and reducing spend, then TMS technology is the tool you need. TMS software offers an assortment of benefits, including better management, simple monitoring, aggregated data, and stress-free integration. By improving freight management, scheduling, operations, and reporting, this technology provides superior customer service, flexibility and intelligence.

But, many companies share a common transportation challenge: decentralized TMS technology. This is a challenge because a decentralized system is usually unorganized, less productive and costly which means you’re likely to miss deadlines and inaccurately fill out BOLs.

When applying a transportation system to business solutions, one will find different levels of integration. Some companies immediately agree on full integration, giving themselves a chance to gain data that find real results. These results are exact. The TMS is an electronic paper trail, offering the company increased ability to tweak their capabilities and collaborate. When a transportation management software is not fully integrated, the company can easily overlook problems, as visibility is limited.

Centralizing transportation management lets companies optimize opportunities and find better communication among carriers and vendors. Fully-integrated TMS software reduces mistakes, enhances operations, delivers better customer service and leads to improved decision-making.

As a leading 3PL provider, PLS has enabled many clients to fully integrate a TMS and centralize their systems. Through a centralized TMS, our clients have seen real results, such as:

  • More efficient supply chain process and management
  • Visibility across modes and routes
  • Quality and safety culture
  • Standard metrics and ERP system
  • Closed gaps between carriers
  • Market updates
  • Bigger scope (tactical and strategic mode management, order packaging and inbound management)

Perhaps one of the most recommended steps in implementing a TMS is to fully integrate the technology into your business’s systems. If mismanaged, a TMS cannot offer the shipper’s business all the benefits that it’s intended to offer. Centralizing TMS software means improving your supply chain and logistics results through accurate reports, effective management, real-time monitoring, and true optimization.

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