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5 Direct Impacts the IoT will have on Transportation


The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to disrupt transportation – reducing delays, predicting shortages of inbound materials and changing orders mid-production based on real-time demand data.

How will IoT create value and safety for the supply chain landscape?

IoT is merging our physical and digital worlds to create powerful new operative value.

According to a published by Intel, the Internet of Things can have a direct and positive impact on safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility for commercial vehicles and transportation.

Connected technology can enable supply chains to:

  1. increase efficiency
  2. save money
  3. advance safety and green initiatives
  4. monitor products
  5. improve customer experience

IoT will address maintenance issues in real-time – permitting drivers to fix the problem before major productivity or asset loss is incurred.

The future of connected technology will help companies save money on shipping by enabling drivers to access information about weather conditions, rest stops and parking lots. Plus, analysts can predict fuel consumption based on driving distance and road conditions in order to find better lanes and modes.

IoT technology will enhance trucking’s green initiatives – improving energy efficiency through movement sensors.

Operational processes will be affected too; tracking all aspects from inventory levels, fulfillment time and labor schedules so they can be connected for superior planning and decision making. When everything is connected in technology, businesses can make the entire process more productive.

The true potential of big data is elusive, but the future of interconnected devices and machines will enable us to access and analyze more data than ever before – information that’s never been available to businesses.

Tracking meaningful intelligence and applying analytics will tell a deeper story about operations; should you reduce time-to-market? Is there demand for this product? Can the inbound schedule be changed?

IoT will provide connectivity, security, analytics and monetization that enable more intelligent transport. Although the Internet of Things might be disruptive to the industry, it is a long-term technological advancement for transportation and supply chain – businesses will become more agile, find profits from deeper analysis, provide customers with better experiences and deliver goods more safely.

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