PLS Logistics Services Receives Handshake Early Talent Award


Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, May 23, 2024 –

PLS Logistics Services, a leading third-party logistics and freight brokerage service provider, proudly announces its recognition as a Handshake Early Talent Award winner. This distinguished award highlights the company’s dedication to attracting, hiring, and nurturing early career talent, affirming its commitment to creating an environment where young professionals can thrive and advance.

Receiving the Handshake Early Talent Award is a significant honor for us,” said Greg Burns, President and CEO of PLS Logistics Services. “At PLS, we believe that investing in early career talent is essential to our success. This award is a testament to our efforts to create an environment where young professionals can excel and contribute meaningfully to our industry.”

The Handshake Early Talent Award evaluates companies based on their ability to engage and develop early career talent through mentorship programs, career development opportunities, and an inclusive culture. PLS Logistics Services excelled in these areas, demonstrating a strong alignment between its values and those of its employees, and successfully implementing strategies that promote connection and growth among team members.

PLS Logistics Services continues to lead the logistics industry with innovative solutions that leverage technology to streamline supply chain processes. This Handshake Early Talent Award further solidifies the company’s reputation as an employer of choice for young professionals seeking impactful careers in logistics.

About Handshake

Handshake is the leading career community for college students in the United States, connecting over 9 million students and young alumni from over 1,400 educational institutions with 550,000 employers nationwide. Handshake’s mission is to democratize access to opportunity: to help every student find the right job, no matter where they go to school, what they major in, or who they know. Handshake’s Early Talent Awards recognize companies that excel in recruiting and developing early career talent, highlighting those that create meaningful opportunities for the next generation of professionals.

About PLS Logistics Services

PLS Logistics Services is a leading multi-modal transportation and technology provider delivering class-leading customer service and performance with customized technology solutions. With an extensive network of over 68,000+ qualified carriers, 6,000+ active shipping customers, and over 700+ global employees, PLS Logistics Services is one of the largest firms in the freight brokerage industry with an extensive network to drive efficient and reliable shipping solutions for all types of shippers in North America.

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