Victor Piccione

Account Executive Trainee

Account Executive Trainee | Philadelphia, PA

My career path so far has not been straight and narrow. I went to school for business finance and accounting, but it just wasn’t for me. Before I came to PLS I was running a marketing and sales office, but I wanted to have a more sales focused position. The brokerage and sales industry appealed to me because I am a personable individual, I like talking with people and seeing how I can meet their needs. PLS really attracted me because of the hustle attitude it embodies.

A typical day for me starts by coming in and having breakfast at my desk. I take this time to talk with my coworkers, and together we map out the day and see how we can capitalize on it. We’re a competitive crew, so we like to make it a competition to see who can make 100 calls first and get the most quotes.

I never go to lunch without giving at least one quote. That way, when I get back and look at my inbox, I’ll hopefully see a message saying, “this is awesome, I want to do it.” It’s a really exciting and rewarding feeling.

I enjoy working for PLS because we work with small and large businesses who are looking for a way to get what they need moved at the best price possible with the best carrier possible. It makes for a high energy and active work environment where phones are ringing, people are asking for quotes, and account executives are on the verge of getting new customers.

PLS is for people who are competitive and set the bar high for themselves. You need to have a willingness to learn and be able to put your ego aside.

Everyone here isn’t in it for themselves, they’re in it to help everyone better themselves. We all have each other’s backs.

I am definitely proud to work for PLS. My managers work hard and are always an arm’s length away if I need help. I work hard because they are such a great support tool for me, and my results are their products. I want them to be as proud of me as I am of them.

Working at PLS has helped me hone my skills and discover my passion for sales. A few years down the line, I hope to be a Senior Account Executive, or even management level. At PLS, it isn’t just a job, it’s a career.

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