Tyler Bohner

Sr. Account Executive

Senior Account Executive | Pittsburgh, PA

I am a Senior Account Executive at PLS. I grew up in a very small town just outside of Harrisburg, PA, and really enjoy going outdoors and playing sports. I wanted to go to a larger school since I’ve been in a small town my whole life, so I went to WVU from 2008 – 2012 and studied business. A logistics company came to WVU my senior year for interviews and I thought it sounded like a good opportunity, so I decided to see what it was about and ended up getting hired to work there. After working there for a year and a half, I came to work in one of their offices in Pittsburgh. After working at that company for about 4 years, I decided to make a change and started to work at PLS. I love Pittsburgh and I wanted to be with a smaller company with more customers to go after, so I joined PLS in July of 2017.  

I knew that the possibility of making uncapped commission and having the ability to make as much money as you can, depending on the amount of work you want to put in, would be a great fit for me and my work ethic. I really wanted that opportunity in the next job that I pursued, and PLS was the perfect opportunity.  

What attracted me towards a more sales-driven role was that there is no cap on how much you can make. I’m highly money motivated and I love the people and the atmosphere at PLS. This is the place where I know I can get out of it what I put into it.  

My favorite part of day to day routine work is talking to people. I’m constantly on and off the phone with different truck drivers, customers, and being in a fast-paced environment is something that my personality is built for. The thrill of constantly having something to do and multitasking, going from one thing to the next, and watching revenue increase is an addiction for me.  

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that in this industry, communication with not only your team members but with your customers is crucial in making everything work properly.

If you are not communicating things properly to your team, then your team isn’t going to be able to communicate properly with the carriers you’re contracting, which can lead to a poorly done job all around.

One of my customers had me as part of a big project in Houston during Hurricane Harvey when there were a lot of people in need.

Helping give back and knowing that I can help people in this way, even during normal day-to-day operations like supplying stores means a lot to me and makes my work have special meaning.

I remember the day that I came to the realization that trucks make the world go round. Without trucks and people to help deliver and transport products, the economy would just collapse. Being a part of an essential industry that can help give back is a great feeling.

PLS helped me as my accounts grew and deals came more and more frequently by acting very quickly to put a team around me and provide me with people that can help with my day to day operations. They played a crucial role in making sure I wasn’t overtasked by ensuring I had the resources that I need to succeed.  

So many new account executives come into their role asking me for advice, and the best advice I have is to not get discouraged if when you first start, you’re not signing up client after client right off the bat.

These are things that take persistence and building relationships with people on the other line. These aren’t things that happen overnight. You have to trust the process, have the patience for things to work out, and if you show them that you’re persistent and willing to work hard for their freight, things are going to fall in line.  

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