Reed Shindell

Account Executive

Account Executive | Dallas, TX

I attended Clemson University where I studied econometric theory and played sports. I’m currently working on my Ph.D., so my routine consists of waking up at 5 a.m., going to the gym, working, and then going home to study. I grew up in South Carolina and moved to Dallas about 2 years ago.  

I started a door-to-door sales company right out of my undergrad when I came to Dallas. I love sales, but I didn’t want to do the managerial side of things and own my own company anymore. When I began looking for a sales job, I found PLS and interviewed with them. I really liked the people, the manager, and the job sounded like something I could excel at. I was confident it would be a good fit and that I could use my past sales experience to excel here.

What I like about sales is meeting new people, building relationships, the fast-paced environment, making sales, and moving freight.

I live a mile from the office downtown and really enjoy my area and commute. I’ve been at PLS for 6 and a half months, and I love how our office is a tight-knit group. I enjoy coming in every day and getting to see everybody and working together to make sales and move freight.  

Based on my current position and past experiences, I would love to teach people about sales someday. PLS has helped me excel by teaching me more about the industry, sales techniques and essentially learning a different side of the process. PLS is a lot more about building relationships and seeing how deep into a company you can network. You don’t just make one transaction then walk away, you keep building and developing relationships over time and provide a service for them. Being introduced to one salesperson in a company that moves certain shipments opens you up to meeting a whole different group of salespeople who move to different parts of the country. Learning about what different companies do is a really cool part of the relationships I build as well.

This job is about the amount of work you put in and the work you can do with individual companies.

There are companies who I started working with a couple of months ago who only shipped with me once per month, but after meeting more salespeople in the company and building on those relationships, I began to receive several shipments a day. I’m excited about my future at PLS and really enjoy the opportunity and position I am in.

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