Peter Kallis

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive | Phoenix, AZ

In college, I started my first sales job that really helped me gain an understanding of the sales industry. I loved the rush and excitement of making a sale and connecting with different customers. The sales industry is unique because each day is different and presents you with new opportunities and challenges. My college sales experience opened my eyes and helped lead me into a sales career with PLS.

When I first started working for PLS, I was immediately impressed with how honest and straight forward my manager was. A lot of sales jobs don’t paint a realistic picture of what to expect in a sales role, but PLS was different.

One of the best parts about working in sales is that you are the go-to person for your clients. It is such a great feeling of accomplishment when a client calls me first and knows they can rely on me.

Our customers and carriers truly do rely on us in the logistics industry, so it’s humbling and rewarding when they take the time to thank you for your hard work.

The environment in the office at PLS is always competitive, so it is extremely rewarding to show up at the top of the office leader board and see results when moving loads. In the sales industry, once you have landed a new account or shipped a new load, the feeling of success is reinforced by commission.

PLS has truly given me the tools and training necessary to thrive in my career. I hardly knew anything about logistics and supply chain prior to working at PLS. I am constantly surrounded by talented mentors and co-workers that have helped me to build my book of business and continuously push me towards success. Working in such a collaborative environment alongside my manager and upper management of the company is truly a unique opportunity. Working with upper-level management is usually uncommon at a company as large as PLS, but they do such a great job teaching and mentoring account executives.

PLS has led me to some of my greatest sales achievements like working with fortune 1000 companies and consistently bringing in high revenue.

For any person seeking a sales career, it is important to remember to be patient with rejection and find the balance, because not all days will be good.

You must keep an open and positive mindset and stay hungry for business. A sales position takes a lot of hard work and grind, but if you  continue to stay motivated and work hard, good things will come.

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