Mary Sweeny

Senior Account Executive

Mary Sweeney | Senior Account Executive | Pittsburgh PA

I was first attracted to the sales industry because of the energetic and lively environment. When determining my future career path, I knew I would quickly become uninterested with effortless everyday tasks of an office job. I wanted to be challenged, so I chose to go into sales because of the high intensity of the industry.

I love that the sales industry is constantly changing and that you must always be on your toes to succeed and move forward.

I was immediately drawn to PLS for the growth potential and convenient location right in the heart of the South Side of Pittsburgh.

From the beginning of my career, my manager was fantastic and helped me realize that even though cold calling may not be my favorite thing to do, it truly opens doors. With guidance, I began to succeed very quickly and have now been with PLS for over two and a half years.

Around my one-year anniversary with the company, I rolled into the position of Senior Account Executive, earning a strictly commission-based salary. While I am proud of this achievement, it does not stop me from continuing to work hard towards achieving my goals.

There are a few skills I think are vital in order to be successful in the sales field.

You need to be outgoing and able to communicate effectively and efficiently. It is important to have that drive to keep going even when things become difficult.

You could go through the motions if you wanted, or you could strive to be better than the person next to you; that is what will set you apart from the rest.

My career in sales at PLS has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped develop the skills I need to be successful.

At PLS, we aren’t being micromanaged, you either adapt or you fall behind, so it’s important to stay on top of your work and figure out what is good for you personally. My favorite part of my daily routine is easily our end of day office meetings. Everyone comes together to celebrate achievements and acknowledge those who have excelled in the office each day. Helping others is important to me, especially in my work. Logistics is often undervalued, but everyone deals with shipping at some point and it often causes stress. It is worthwhile if you are an expert that can provide guidance to your customers. I’ve become an expert in this field because of the great support system of mentors and co-workers at PLS.

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