Katrina Witt

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive | Cranberry Twp, PA

I studied Finance and Management at the University of Missouri.  I always had an idea of the career path I wanted, but I never imagined myself in the field of logistics or sales until I took a supply chain course towards the end of my degree. That class triggered my interest in logistics and then I attended a Mizzou career fair where I met a PLS recruiter.

I was recruited as part of the startup group to open the St Louis branch. However, I quickly realized during my training that the corporate office in Cranberry, PA was a perfect fit for me. I was confident that I could be successful in an office with so many Sr. Account Executives to look up to, and I enjoyed being able to interact face to face with the other departments. The work environment was great and I loved Pittsburgh, so I decided to move my life here.

Although my background wasn’t specifically in logistics, I feel like the on-the-job experience I have gained at PLS has taught me more than any school could have.

I have learned so much from my managers, mentors, and coworkers along the way. I consider myself to have a strong work ethic and a high level of motivation and being part of such a solid team in Cranberry has helped me reach goals and push myself even further.

What I like most about working at PLS is the fast-paced environment. I am in constant communication with customers and carriers and every day is a little different. I like that I get to choose how I want to structure my day and it seems like time just flies by. There is also a unique balance between the individual competitiveness and overall teamwork of the office.

It has been nearly six years since I have taken my position at PLS and my current day-to-day is a little different right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. I appreciated the proactive response PLS had to the rapidly changing government regulations and safety/prevention measures. Thanks to management and IT, my transition from working in the office to working at home went so smoothly that my clients didn’t even realize there was a change. Plus, my office companions now include my two cats!

It is a rewarding feeling to earn the trust and respect of a new customer. I have enjoyed building up my book of business and creating connections that have lasted for several years.

Knowing I have customers who are confident enough in my services to refer me to others is the best compliment! PLS has helped me grow both professionally and personally and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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