Domenic Lubrano

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive | Pittsburgh PA

I knew that I wanted to go into the sales industry because I was attracted to the idea of controlling my own success.

I liked that I was going to get out of this career whatever I put into it, and I had plans to work hard and succeed.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I knew I wanted to stay close to home and PLS quickly stood out as the perfect environment for me. I saw an opportunity for immense growth within the company, and I had a desire to learn and be successful within this industry. I know that I made the right choice with PLS because I enjoy working hard every day and reaping all the benefits in return.

My favorite part of the day is starting off each morning by tracking shipments and outlining my daily goals. I like to plan my days out in advance so that I know exactly what tasks are ahead of me and determine everything that I need to accomplish. This is especially helpful in this industry because every day can look different. By planning out my daily goals, I am able to take action and see the steps that I’ve taken toward achieving my success.

The most rewarding part about this job is seeing the direct impact that you can make within the industry.

As you grow your book, you start to see all your hard work come to life. You build your own relationships with customers and see them continue to utilize PLS services to fit their needs. You become satisfied because you’ve earned their trust and engaged in valuable transactions. It’s very rewarding, and you can pride yourself in knowing that you are succeeding in your role. Within the sales industry, there are bound to be circumstances that don’t go smoothly.

When things become stressful, the future that I see at PLS is what keeps me going.

Knowing that there is potential to keep learning and growing within this career makes it easier to deal with the minor complications that arise. In this industry, you can’t sweat the small stuff. You just have to move on and continue learning from the situations that are going to make you an even stronger player in this field.

I have worked very hard to be in the position that I am in now. I continue to give mine all by coming in early each day and staying until my work is finished. I am constantly striving to reach my goals and better myself each day. My internal drive has shaped the success that I’ve experienced here at PLS, and I’m happy to say that my hard work is paying off. Soon, I will be advancing to a senior account executive position and I’m excited to see how much more I’ll learn and grow within this role.

If you are thinking about going into a career in sales, my advice to you is to be determined, dedicated, and always be on time. As I mentioned before, don’t sweat the small stuff. Just stay focused on your long-term goals and continue to communicate effectively. Always continue to grow your network and build relationships that will help you succeed.

I’ve learned many valuable skills throughout my journey at PLS that is going to help me succeed in any future career position that I may hold. I’ve had the opportunity to work with pieces of customer service, accounting and sales all wrapped into one job. These different areas have all enhanced my skills in order to be successful now and in the future.

At PLS, we continue to learn and grow every day so that we are able to better ourselves and the company as a whole. One important thing that I’ve learned during my time at PLS is that everyone is extremely helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and never be afraid to meet and talk with new people. If you are dedicated to what you do, you will succeed no matter what.

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