Connor Signorin

Senior Account Executive

I graduated from the University of Florida in December of 2014 with a degree in Environmental Geoscience. While working towards my degree, I competed on the University of Florida swim team for four years and have always been driven by the spirit of competition. It was that drive that made me decide to pursue a career in sales immediately after college. While visiting a career fair, I saw a booth for PLS Logistics, saw I could have unlimited commission, and immediately applied. I started at PLS two weeks later, and I have been here ever since!  

In 2015, I trained as an Account Executive Trainee (AET) and worked to build my portfolio until I moved up as an Account Executive in April of 2016. The first year was difficult because I was new to the industry, trying to build relationships with clients, and making cold calls every day. In that year, I watched how the managers handled clients and their teams and knew I wanted to be in their shoes. That goal is what kept me pushing for better results and more business during that time.  

My advice to anyone entering their first year at PLS is to stay with it and don’t give up too quickly. If you have endurance, you’ll reach your goals. The first year is hard, but the process gets easier and more lucrative over time. Be patient, be available, and cultivate lasting relationships with your clients.

In 2018, I took a step up to be a manager in our Tampa office where I lead our team for a year and a half. In early 2020, I realized I wanted to be focused on my personal earning goals and feel that competitive spirit on the day-to-day again, so I moved into the Senior Account Executive role where I now lead a smaller team. One of the things I like the most about sales at PLS is that this company gives me the opportunity to make decisions for myself and structure my days. My manager trusts me to what I need to do every single day, and I thrive with that kind of flexibility. Another thing I like about PLS is that the sales process is repetitive, so you can practice that process and improve over time. The days vary because of the market and clients, but I can be comfortable in knowing there is stability and consistency in my daily workflow.

It has been incredibly rewarding to see how much I have grown in my career since that first year and how much more growth is ahead of me, even after six years at PLS.

I have two current customers that I have worked with since I started, and by no means, were we shipping daily with them back then. It was maybe a few times a month, but now, I can count on them for consistent daily loads, and they can count on me. That is another great part of the job, building the relationships with the customers and watching that develop beyond just a business transaction. I’m grateful for my time at PLS and excited to see what my future holds.

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