Brandon Bohmer

Account Executive

Account Executive | St. Louis, MO

I grew up in Peoria, IL, which is about 2 hours north from the St. Louis area. My wife and I decided to move down to the Edwardsville area, which is just outside of St. Louis. We finished our bachelor’s degrees together and loved St. Louis so much that we decided to stay and see what kind of opportunities would come about. I’m big into sports, music and enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 dogs.

I was working as a broker for a securities company and had to get my license and certification for selling and marketing securities. Before working at PLS, I was going through the ropes of getting the training and licensure. Working day to day, I learned that this position wasn’t right for me. I started looking to see how I could get into sales and came across PLS. The PLS job posting really stood out to me and looked like something I would be interested in. I liked how laid back it seemed and liked the self-accountability aspect of the job.

St. Louis has a great group of senior account executives that have taken new hires under their wing to show us the ropes and give us insight on the trends in the market.

It was good to have some other people who were a step above me to walk me through the processes. For the most part, we are a tight-knit group. We can be loud at times, but we always get our work done and try to see what we need to do to succeed. I think everyone who wants to be here is on the same level and I really appreciate having the same mentality as other people who want to succeed and make a good book of business. Even if you don’t know anything coming into this industry, going in with the mindset of being a sponge and open to everything that everyone has to say is key because everyone runs their books differently and everyone has different lingo they use.  

The first thing I do when I get in in the morning is to make sure there is a pot of coffee brewing. I check my email to get myself organized for the day to see what I have to work on and who I should call. I’m really big into phone calls, and I prefer them over email because you can get more out of a call than an email. I like to break up my cold calls and get a good chunk of them in the morning and then also another chunk later on in the day. Spacing out my calls and workload allows me to structure my day and stay productive to build up my book of business.

One of the things I enjoy most about my day is the commute into the office because of how relaxing it is. There are a lot of things I enjoy about my job and the city of St. Louis, but what’s most rewarding is finally landing a deal or acquiring any sort of new freight or business.

My background before PLS involved having two internships and holding some management positions. Having to cold call, which is something I’ve never done before, has given me the confidence to talk better with people and be more comfortable with myself on the phone and in person.

Before this position, I would say that I was great at customer service but lacked confidence at times. PLS has really bridged the gap between where I was trying to be with my confidence and now, I feel like a completely different type of customer service/salesperson.

I also feel like the connections I’ve made with my clients and people here have significantly grown my professional network.

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