Ben Ferber

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive | Philadelphia, PA

I grew up in Philadelphia and decided to go to school at the University of Pittsburgh with a double major in finance and marketing. After graduation, I wanted to take what I learned in business school and apply it to the sales industry, so I went to a job shadow day at the PLS corporate headquarters and really enjoyed it. I liked the laid-back environment and excitement of the sales floor. From there I applied, got an interview, and accepted a position to work at the satellite office in Philadelphia.

It is a great feeling to be working in the city I love in a position I really enjoy. My favorite part about my daily routine is that it never looks the exact same.

The supply chain industry is constantly changing in a fast-paced environment, which keeps the job as a broker interesting. PLS’ office is a fun upbeat setting with music playing and no boring cubicles, and you’re always able to talk with people throughout the day. You don’t feel like you’re watching the clock, and I never wake up in the morning and think “ugh, I have to go to work today.” The best part is you really are friends with your co-workers in and out of the office. We go to happy hours together, get together for pickup games, even go to weddings and take vacations together. We are definitely a close group.

I’m extremely happy I made a transition into sales with PLS. PLS has given me the opportunity to excel early on in my career through experiences and opportunities that most new employees don’t get when starting out at a company.

From the very beginning, I have been able to try a lot of different things like go on customer visits, set up face to face meetings, and run analytics for different clients. PLS is a place for someone who is self-motivated and a real go-getter. If you want to make a career for yourself, PLS gives you the opportunity to do so. The chance to grow your career here is in your hands.

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