Cross-border shipping, specialized transportation trailers, and permits are hassle-free with PLS’ specialized shipping experts.

Specialized freight refers to the shipments that exceed regular freight characteristics in terms of weight, size, shape, or handling requirements. Usually, specialized freight is common among industrial businesses like heavy machinery, metal and mining, and oil and gas. In most cases, this freight requires special transportation equipment because shipments are either too big, bulky or need services that normal transportation companies do not provide.

When it comes to specialized shipping, it is crucial to find a reliable and experienced transportation partner. Shipping specialized freight comes with many challenges, such as complicated handling, proper equipment, strict safety compliance, and accurate shipment planning. Specialized shipping services allow companies with specialized freight and equipment to move freight safely and efficiently.

Benefits of Specialized Shipping with PLS


At PLS, we will work with you to learn the specialized transportation requirements of your freight and help you simplify the transportation process. We monitor your specialized freight shipments to ensure they are delivered to the destination on-time. If a disruption occurs, we will notify you in real-time so that you can alert your customers. We regularly manage specialized loads moving on a variety of trailers to all locations.

Specialized transportation trailers

Permit loads