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Inbound Freight Management

PLS’ inbound freight management services provide you with enhanced visibility and control over your inbound shipments. We’ll work with you and your vendor to simplify shipment planning, dock scheduling and receiving methods.


Our transportation management system provides you with real time freight track and trace capabilities. Real-time notifications let you, your customer and your vendor know when your freight will be arriving.

Dry Van Freight Services

Find the perfect carrier for every load through PLS’ extensive carrier network. With more than 45,000 qualified carriers, we secure capacity with the safest and most reliable trucking companies in the industry.

Expedited LTL Shipping

Even if you need to move LTL freight on a moment’s notice, we’ll have a carrier ready. We can reach out to our extensive network so you can always be confident with time-sensitive shipments.
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volume and partial shipping

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volume and partial shipping

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