With the Accelerated Payment Program, you can receive payments faster than the normal 34 day pay cycle for a discount(currently 4% off the gross amount owed at the time of payment). This packet is your source for information about the program, from where to send your bills to determine when you will receive payment. It also includes all terms and conditions, an application, and EFT authorization form.

Where do I send my invoice?

Please submit your invoice to quickpay@plslogistics.com. Note: Payments may be delayed if the invoice is sent directly to any other PLS contact. What documents should I submit with my invoice? Please make sure all documents are legible and complete. Required documents include: • Invoice • Rate Agreement • Signed Bill of Lading Note: Please refer to the rate agreement for additional requirements. How can I help prevent delays? • Reference PLS’s Load ID Number on the invoice • Write “Quick Pay” on the invoice • Submit one invoice for each load transported • Ensure all documents are legible • Ensure Bill of Lading is signed • Ensure all pages of the Bill of Lading are submitted • Ensure Bill of Lading information matches information on the rate agreement, such as origin, destination and shipment number • Ensure all requirements are submitted with the invoice

Accelerated Payment Program Agreement

This PLS Accelerated Payment Program Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth the specific terms and conditions of the PLS Accelerated Payment Program (“Program”), and the Agreement shall be binding upon PLS Logistics Services (“PLS”) only if PLS accepts and approves the carrier named herein (“Carrier”) as a participant in the Program. PLS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or deny Carrier’s application to participate in the Program for any reason. PLS and Carrier hereby agree to the following:

– For invoices received by PLS or its division, FREIGHT SOLUTIONS, from Carrier during a given week, from Sunday through Saturday, and provided the invoices are for valid loads processed through PLS’s transportation management system, PLS shall remit payment to Carrier by the following Tuesday of the next week or, in the event that such Tuesday falls on a legal holiday, payment shall be remitted to Carrier on the first business day after such Wednesday.

– In consideration of PLS agreeing to accelerate payment to Carrier of its charges within the time period set forth in Paragraph 1 above, Carrier hereby agrees that its charges will be reduced by an amount equal to 4% of its charges billed to PLS. In other words, for each payment that PLS remits to Carrier under the Program, the payment will be for the net amount due Carrier after the 4% reduction is credited to the charges billed to PLS by Carrier.

– Carrier shall sign a bill of lading or receipt for each shipment tendered to it in the form required by plslogistics.com®, award confirmation, and/or other document prepared for a specific shipper (“Document”), and the Document shall, in addition to other information, identify the shipper for whom Carrier is performing the Transportation Service. If any terms, conditions, or provisions of any such Document are inconsistent with any terms or provisions of either the Carrier Terms of Use or this Agreement, the Carrier Terms of Use and/or this Agreement shall control.

– It is agreed that the terms of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, without giving effect to its conflicts of laws or provisions. In the event that litigation is initiated in connection with this Agreement, the parties agree that the exclusive venue for any such legal action shall lie only in the State Court located in Butler County, Pennsylvania, which is known as the Court of Common Pleas of Butler County, Pennsylvania.

– In order to be entitled to receive payment of its charges, Carriershallsubmit for each load transported pursuant to this Agreement all required forms, including but not limited to the invoice, award confirmation and proof of delivery. All such forms shall be submitted via e-mail, regular mail or facsimile to PLS at the following address:

Email: quickpay@plslogistics.com

   Mailing Address PLS Logistics Services Attn: Freight Bills 2000 Westinghouse Dr 201 Cranberry Township, PA 16066

– It is specifically agreed and understood that PLS has the unilateral right to change at any time the terms and condition of the Accelerated Payment Program, including but not limited to both the amount of any charges or credits as well as the method of calculating any charges or credits, provided that PLS gives notice to Carrier prior to the date that the changes take effect. PLS has the right to terminate Carrier from the Accelerated Payment Program at any time, with or without cause, subject only to the condition that PLS notify the Carrier prior to the termination effective date.

– Both parties agree and understand that the terms and conditions set forth in the Carrier Terms of Use, as set forth on the plslogistics.com website, is the agreement which governs the relationship between Carrier and PLS or its affiliates and that this PLS Accelerated Payment Program Agreement is intended to supplement the Carrier Terms of Use. If there is any specific provision in this Agreement which is contrary to or inconsistent with a term or condition in the Carrier Terms of Use, then and only then shall the provision in this Agreement supersede the conflicting term in the Carrier Terms of Use.

– PLS shall acknowledge that it has accepted this Agreement and approved Carrier to participate in the PLS Accelerated Payment Program by PLS issuing to Carrier a fax or other written notification of acceptance.

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