PLS Logistics

Sophisticated Account Solutions

As a leading logistics provider, PLS has three decades of experience in providing sophisticated logistics and transportation solutions to our accounts. We understand the complexity of your business and provide solutions to face your key challenges head-on.


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What can PLS do for you?

Save you up to 10% in transportation costs
On-site visits to the business location(s)
Connect you with carriers nationwide
Provide updates with frequent reports
Analyze current lane volumes and modes
Seamless TMS integration
KPI tracking & measurement
Why choose PLS for National Account Solutions?

With an extensive network of 47,000+ active carrier and three decades of industry experience, PLS is a proven partner of Fortune 500 companies. We move more than 1 million loads annually, provide logistics services across all transportation modes, and guarantee capacity for your freight.

How can we help your business?

Our goal is to deliver solutions that benefit your business by saving time and money in every lane. We have the capacity to fill the gaps in your supply chain with our extensive carrier network and custom TMS that lets you stay on top of every load.

How does the process work?

Our seasoned account executives will work closely with your transportation team to understand your business operations. We aim to deliver transportation solutions that save you time, money, and labor with no quality being compromised.