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Spending too much on transportation? Reduce your logistics expenses while gaining quality service and better operational performance! We develop a deep understanding of your logistics requirements to find better ways to improve service and find cost savings. Best of all, this assessment is 100% cost-free.


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How Can a Logistics Opportunity Assessment Help You?

Lower overall transportation costs
Reveal cost-saving opportunities
Maximize operational performance
Improve carrier management
A free, no-obligation assessment of your logistics functions
What is a Logistics Opportunity Assessment?

A logistics opportunity assessment (LOA) is a detailed assessment of your freight spend by mode, carrier, geographic and seasonal orientation. We analyze your spending and look for ways to reduce costs while increasing your operational efficiency.

How does a Logistics Opportunity Assessment work?

Our team of logistics experts conducts a complete operations analysis, including reviews of sales, purchasing, and traffic and carrier management. Then, using PLS's network and experience, we identify areas where your business can streamline and save.

  • A detailed assessment of freight spend
  • Complete, on-site operations analysis
  • Review of sales and purchasing
  • Review of traffic and carrier management
  • Detailed costs savings strategy
  • Personalized logistics solutions proposal
What are the benefits of Logistics Opportunity Assessment?

After a thorough evaluation, we provide you with a detailed costs savings strategy and a personalized logistics proposal tailored to your business needs.