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Let PLS analyze your transportation costs and find ways to save, at no charge. Optimize your freight cost and enhance carrier service with a cost-free freight bill analysis.


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How can a Freight Bill Analysis help your company?

Freight savings up to 10%
Fewer expedited freight expenses, freight classification changes, and frequent shipment consolidation
Reduced labor costs on every load
TMS access to eliminate paperwork
Cost reduction plan for LTL & expedited shipping
How does Freight Bill Analysis work?

Our logistics experts will identify opportunities to cut your freight costs through a comprehensive RFP process. We’ll connect you with local, regional, and long-haul carriers suited to your organization’s needs and bottom line.

How can PLS reduce your freight cost?

By closing loopholes and connecting you with the best carriers at premier rates, PLS can reduce your organization’s overall freight expenses by reducing labor costs, consolidating paperwork, and accounting for shipping uncertainties.

What are the steps of a Freight Bill Analysis?
  1. Analyzing your current freight bills.
  2. Identifying where you’re overpaying.
  3. Creating a custom roadmap to savings detailing how PLS can maximize your cost effectiveness.