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Trust and Respect are the two things needed to build a successful relationship with a 3PL provider. Often, these terms become the exception, not the rule. As a result, many shippers that use 3PL providers believe that micromanagement and persistent price pressure will prove the best result. In reality, the opposite is true.

What is a 3PL provider?

A 3PL refers to outsourcing e-commerce logistics to a third-party business, which supports certain aspects of shipping operations. Usually, 3PL providers integrate within a company’s warehousing and transportation procedures.

A 3PL provider can best meet your specific needs by scaling and customizing their services, which means a business can choose the level of involvement based on their needs and goals. In addition, a 3PL provider can provide a single service or deliver a bundle of services that extend across multiple aspects of your supply chain. As a result, 3PLs create value in ways that enhance your operational, financial, and end-customer performance.

Why does a good 3PL relationship matter?

The more invested in a 3PL relationship with a freight carrier, as a partner, the more successful that relationship will be.

What can you do as a carrier to promote mutual trust and respect in your relationship with a 3PL? Below are a few suggestions to do so:

Set attainable goals

Set realistic expectations from the start; that way, you can work together to achieve your goal or solve your problem.

Culture fit

This relationship should be viewed as a long-term partnership. So be sure that the relationship feels right, and of course, the numbers look right.

Define the contract terms

Clearly, state the requirements and expectations to be held in your contract. Your relationship will automatically be much smoother by saying the activities you want to be complete, operational performance expectations, and payment terms. If these terms aren’t clear, you and your 3PL can be on different pages, which will leave both sides of the relationship unsatisfied.


A 3PL provider loves to talk about how you’re doing and what they can do to help you achieve your personal goals. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate time to speak with your 3PL, whether a weekly call or monthly face-to-face – communication is the heart of our relationship.

What advantages does PLS provide freight carriers?

PLS supports its carriers whenever they need it. By joining PLS’ carrier network, we will ensure that you can get as many loads moved as you can handle. In addition, our carrier-focused technology will keep your fleet focused on generating revenue. Below are a few reasons to work with us.

1. Insider access to more than 90,000 consistent loads every month

2. Fast and reliable payment options

3. Tracking, reporting, and receiving updates

4. Benefit from our Fuel Advance program and Quick Pay system

Why do freight carriers continue to trust PLS?

PLS offers many advantages. However, it is what we do for our freight carriers that keep them coming back.

Best possible Lane

Here at PLS, we work hard to find the best possible lanes for carriers. As a result, we strive to keep carriers in their preferred area or close to home.

Quick to resolve issues

We understand how frustrating it can be when an issue arises with shippers/consignees. Therefore, we work fair and quickly to resolve your problems and help get you back on track with your deliveries.

Keeping in touch

Communication is key to any business. However, we always want to make it as easy as possible with our freight carriers. That’s why we reach out to you when we find preferred lanes in your area, so you don’t have to reach out to us or waste any time looking!

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