Why Freight Visibility is Important


Along the supply chain, goods must be transported to and from suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retailers and end users. Brokers, 3PL’s and freight haulers are involved in bringing a product to market, and because of this, visibility into freight location and status is essential.

In a recent study, 54 percent of 3PLs said that they lost business or did not know if they lost business due to their visibility offerings. Many customers appreciate a visible shipping process and want to be able to track their package that they have ordered or shipped. Freight visibility makes all the difference and can help shape the customer’s overall experience.

To offset challenges that can disrupt supply chains, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are requiring 100 percent visibility into freight location and status. The higher demand for increased load visibility drives requirements for tracking loads and accessing information about the load status. This includes arrivals and departures at pick up and destination locations and in-transit updates using GPS-based positioning.

A few years ago, it was unrealistic to have total visibility into load locations and status across a supply chain because the technology was not available to do so. Today, shippers are requiring more than 100 percent visibility with their shipments using carriers’ tools. Creating more visibility not only allows professionals to focus on late and off-schedule loads, but make customers that are shipping happy.

Effective load tracking is a partnership between brokers, carriers and 3PLs. Visibility partner’s technology should be easily able to integrate with the wide range of TMS’s. A visibility partner should have these characteristics:

  • An extensive history of servicing large and complex logistics companies
  • A brand name respected by carriers and drivers alike for its commitment to meeting all compliance requirements
  • A track record of continually innovating its products to meet customer and industry needs
  • A connected network that reduces costs for management and operations

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