When Partial Truckload Shipping Is Right for You


What is Partial Truckload Shipping?

Partial truckload, or volume LTL, is a mode used by shippers looking for faster transit times, less handling and lower costs. Partial truckload shipments are used by shippers with whose freight is less than a full truckload, but more than an LTL shipment. The exact amount of freight needed for a partial truckload shipment depends on the weight, linear feet and service requirements.

Partial truckload or volume LTL shipments are typically between 7,000 and 28,000 pounds and/or contain more than 7 pallets.

Why Should I Consider Partial Truckload?

Partial shipments are intended for shipments that are larger than LTL, but smaller than a full truckload. Shippers with low-density freight and time-sensitive freight find the most benefits through partial truckload shipping.

When you don’t have enough freight to fill an entire truck’s trailer, but want benefits of traditional truckload shipping, then partial shipping is a great option. During the partial truckload shipping haul, other freight will be combined on the truck, but the truck will not make as many stops as an LTL haul.

What are the Benefits of Partial Shipping?

  • Cost Savings
  • Partial truckload shipment cost is determined by the number of linear feet the freight takes up.
  • No freight class required.
  • There are no surprise accessorials or other transportation fees – shippers pay for what they use.
  • Traditionally, partial truckload shippers find discounted rates (compared to a parcel, TL or LTL).
  • Less Damage and Better Service
  • Partial truckloads move through fewer terminals, so freight is touched less.
  • Freight ships on one truck.
  • Fewer stops increase the percentage of on-time delivery.

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