What Is The Value of a 3PL?


As we all know the economy has not been the greatest in recent years and everyone has seen the effects of the recession. Therefore, companies that are willing to outsource their shipping needs to a 3PL can save a substantial amount of money on their freight cost.

No matter what the need of a company might be, 3PL’s have the ability to establish set pricing with a multitude of carriers in order to fit the needs of companies they work with. A 3PL has the ability to take your needs, as a company, and find a carrier that will fit those needs at the most cost-effective approach. There are a few basic reasons why 3PL’s are valuable for a company no matter what their needs may be.

  • Personal Needs and Wants: Every company has certain specifications as to how they deliver their freight to their clients. Whether it is residential delivery, lift gate pick-up or delivery, inside delivery, appointment delivery and so forth. Any special services that the company may need, 3PL’s have the ability to narrow your choices down to the best carriers for your needs without you having to empty out your pockets for the services.
  • Quality vs. Quantity: 3PL’s have the ability to know the type of service each of the carriers provides based on previous experiences. If you have a shipment that is time critical, depending on the carrier, you might want to spend the $20 extra and go with the more reliable carrier that will get it to its destination within the transit time. Although some carriers seem to have the best pricing, it does not always mean that their service is the best. 3PL’s have the experience to help our customers make the best decision based on their needs.
  • “In Case of An Emergency”: Working with a 3PL that has access to a multitude of carriers can take a bad situation and turn it around. If a company schedules a critical shipment with a carrier and it comes to find out they will not be able to make the pick-up. 3PL’s have access to a plethora of other carriers so one quick phone call could turn the situation around and get your shipment out in a timely manner.

No matter what the need, want, or situation of a company may be, 3PL’s have the ability to meet those needs due to their ability to work closely with a large number of carriers. The three reasons listed above are just a tiny piece of what a 3PL can offer a company looking to save money on freight costs, but not lose out on customer service.

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