What Is Freeze Protection?


Winter is in full swing, and we are “lucky” to have an opportunity to experience all the negative side effects of severe winter weather. Last week we discussed a few tips to help you handle your shipping in winter. Today we want to continue the topic and get a bit more practical. Significant parts of the U.S. suffer from all kinds of severe weather during winter season, including very low temperatures.


This is not only problematic for reliability, e.g. trucks not being able to start, but it can also damage the product. Is your freight temperature-sensitive, but the shipment must go and cannot wait until temperature rises? This is where freeze protection comes into play!

What is it exactly?

Freeze Protection, or Protect from Freeze, is a service offered by some LTL carriers which ensures the product is kept above the temperature which can damage the product.

What kind of products are we talking about?

Usually, Protect from Freeze is used for paints, chemicals, certain perishable foods and beverages, alcohol, pharmaceutical products and batteries. This may vary from carrier to carrier.

How does it work?

Carriers use a variety of methods to ensure your freight doesn’t get damaged by low temperatures. It depends on the carrier, product, and the terminals. Usually, the means include protective blankets, heated compartments or trailers, weather monitoring.

Is there a tricky part?

Of course. There’s always a tricky part! Freeze Protection comes in different shapes and forms and varies carrier to carrier. The availability and cost will often be dependent on the lane, as each carrier and terminal has different policies.

Carriers offer this service within various timeframes (typically, November 1st through May 31st), but again, this may vary carrier to carrier. Carriers may place an embargo on their Protect from Freeze services if temperatures drop below a certain benchmark.

The best way to utilize Protect from Freeze service efficiently and cost-effectively is to provide your 3PL representative with the extensive information and requirements for your temperature-sensitive shipment – and let them do their magic! They will research the lane, evaluate their extensive LTL carrier network and present the best option for your shipment. Keep your freight warm and cozy!

Interested in Protect from Freeze service or looking for an LTL quote? We can help!

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