Trending Transportation Updates: May 2018


There is no doubt that May had many newsworthy developments. Here are the top trending transportation updates ranging from the U.S.’s steel tariffs to the trending truck driver shortage.

FedEx’s CEO Sees Blockchain as ‘Next Frontier’ for Logistics

Convinced that blockchain is on the brink of transforming the package-delivery business, FedEx Corp. is testing the technology to track large, higher-value cargo. The CEO says that FedEx’s interest in blockchain and IoT are part of the company’s strategy to improve customer service and fend off competition. To read more, click here.

Truck Driver Shortage: When Will Autonomous Trucks Fill the Gap?

Not that long ago, San Francisco-based Embark announced its first cross-country trip by a self-driving truck. Along with Uber, Tu Simple, and Starsky Robotics, Embark is working on the autopilot technology for long-haul trucks. Self-driving trucks will result in disruption; the question is “When?” To find out more, click here.

Why Steel Tariffs Matter

President Trump has decided to impose punitive tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from a range of countries but specifically from U.S. allies— Mexico, Canada, Germany, Europe in general. This will effect a handful of things, including the economy and global trade. To read about these effects, click here.

Brazilian Trucker Strike Starts to Wear on Economy

Brazilian food companies will be reeling for months from the after-effects of a truckers’ protest that has blocked the country’s main roadways. This truckers strike in Brazil over higher diesel prices has left at least one McDonald’s in Copacabana struggling to serve its customers. The last perishable food delivery received at the restaurant was May 18. To read more, click here.

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