Trending Transportation News: December 2015


Here’s a recap of transportation news stories throughout the month:

  • Werner Increases Driver Pay. Effective January 1, Werner Enterprises Inc. is increasing pay for almost 1500 drivers. The drivers hadn’t had a pay increase since August 2014. President and COO, Derek Leathers said, “Pay increases are one piece of our multi-faceted approach to attract and retain the best in the industry and make Werner the employee of choice.” Read more: Drivers Enjoy Pay Increases, Shippers Pick up the Tab.
  • Volvo Endorses Renewable Fuel. The company said it concluded testing on renewable diesel fuel and found it has potential to improve environmental impact. Renewable diesel fuel is a second generation alternative fuel and is derived from biomass feedstocks, including oils or animal fats. The availability of renewable fuel is growing.
  • DOE Predicts 2016 Diesel Average. The Department of Energy expects the price of diesel to average $2.67 a gallon in 2016 and gasoline to average $2.36. The US average diesel prices are at the lowest level they’ve been in 6.5 years. Oil has plunged 39% since June and may keep falling after OPEC lifted the ceiling on its crude oil production. Read more: How Do Low Oil Prices Affect Different Transportation Modes?
  • FAST Act and its Impact on CSA Data. A five-year, $305 billion legislation was passed to improve the nation’s surface transportation infrastructure. The bill reforms and strengthens transportation programs and maintains a strong commitment to safety. Since FAST Act passed, FMCSA announced that it has removed CSA scores from public view. A provision of the highway legislation mandated that FMCSA review the CSA program and scores. Read more: Should the New CSA App be Available to the Public?
  • The ELD Mandate is Final. The FMCSA announced its final rule that requires carriers to switch from paper logs to electronic logging devices to record drivers’ hours of service. Carriers have 2 years to comply with the mandate. ELDs will reduce paperwork for the driver and keep a dispatcher up-to-date on a driver’s status.


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