Tips on How to Avoid Cargo Theft

During holiday weekends when shipments aren’t normally delivered, truck drivers park their trucks and warehouses close for either the day or an extended period of time. This pause on production during a holiday or holiday weekend can increase the chances of cargo theft occurring. With the Labor Day holiday weekend coming up, we want to make sure that you are aware of cargo theft during this time period and are prepared so that it does not happen to you.

What Does Cargo Theft Mean?

Cargo theft is when goods, money or anything that is part of a commercial shipment of freight moving in commerce in any vehicle to any location is stolen. Holidays are a time that many people know trucks and warehouses are unattended and take the opportunity to commit theft during this time. Cargo theft normally takes place in areas close to major cities like New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles, but any location is susceptible to cargo crime and theft.

How to Avoid Cargo Theft?

Whenever you are preparing your shipments for this year’s holiday weekend, consider these helpful tips to help you prevent cargo theft at your facilities or delivery trucks.


Keep Track of Employees

Make sure to conduct background checks and screen all employees, carriers and anyone that has access to shipment information and details. Inside cargo theft is a growing problem in today’s world and happens more than many companies know of. Make sure that shipment information is kept private and screen employees and carriers that will be dealing with shipments to help prevent possible cargo theft.

Take Advantage of Technology

Using advanced technology like GPS vehicle tracking and shipment tracking can help companies keep track of their resources in the case of cargo theft. There are now apps available that can alarm the company or driver if a vehicle travels outside of its scheduled route. Using this kind of technology can help companies better track their resources and be more aware of cargo theft.

Minimize Wait Time

Cargo is always at risk whenever it is stopped. To reduce your chance of cargo theft, try limiting the need for weekend transits that could include excessive dwell time. If you are a carrier entering into an area where cargo theft is prominent, plan accordingly and make sure that your truck isn’t left alone for a long period of time.

Holiday weekends are always a hot time for cargo theft. Don’t let your company become a victim and plan accordingly this Labor Day weekend!


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