Tips for Delivering Temperature-Sensitive Goods


Shippers are able to manage the challenge of transporting temperature-sensitive goods; from farm produce to fresh flowers, thanks to refrigerated shipping trailers. Refrigerated trailers can remove or pump heat or create a cool environment for products to be transported in. Refrigerated trailers are designed to maintain the pre-cooled cargo temperature. Maintaining the temperature in a refrigerated shipping trailer, or reefer, is necessary in order to not compromise the product. Failing to maintain the proper shipment temperature can result in serious consequences like wasted or damaged products and sunken costs.

It’s estimated that 224 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day, and approximately 64% of men will buy flowers as a gift. The logistics of transporting flowers is not an easy task; it requires coordination, thorough planning, and adequate route selection. Delivering time-sensitive goods requires collaboration from all involved parties – from the producer to the seller.

Since flowers and other temperature-sensitive products have a limited shelf life, on-time delivery and route selection are top priorities. With a delay or equipment malfunction, the product can be spoiled and revenue can be lost. In order to get your temperature-controlled products delivered in a timely manner, follow these 4 tips:

  • Be clear with the carriers about standard transport procedures. What are your facility’s common practices? How should they handle the freight? What is the schedule? Communication reduces accessorial fees, backlogs at the dock and product damage.
  • Consider a just-in-time (JIT) inventory. With JIT, companies can order your product as they need it, which will provide their customers with the best quality.
  • Qualify your carriers. Work with carriers who guarantee safety and service; once the freight leaves your facility, it is up to the carrier to maintain product’s quality.
  • For temperature-sensitive goods, visibility helps a shipper know that the product is moving through transit on time and without being compromised. Shipment visibility increases a company’s ability to respond to disruptions, as well as avoid them in the first place.

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