Creating a decent supply chain management strategy can be challenging. On the opposite side, delegating such a huge part of your business to a third-party company essentially needs credibility and confidence in your logistics partner.

To find a good supply chain management partner, check out the list of services that third-party has to provide!

supply chain management partner

The checklist below gives a brief overview of the factors that a true supply chain management partner should offer.

Supplier & Inventory Management

  • Keep service levels consistent with stocking levels
  • Provide real-time inventory visibility
  • Forecast demand accurately
  • Eliminate lost sales because products are out-of-stock
  • Provide control over inventory investments
  • Introduce speed and flexibility into the order process
  • Increase error-free deliveries
  • Reduce the cost of transportation, warehousing, and distribution
  • Streamline purchasing process
  • Improve supplier collaboration


Business Decisions

  • Provide company-wide visibility
  • Enable better decisions with real-time information
  • Track, monitor, and help solve any issues
  • Always provide alternative decisions
  • Provide a real-time business status upon request
  • Minimize direct and indirect labor costs


Customer Service

  • Ensure customer-facing personnel is fully prepared to handle any situation
  • Help identify the most profitable customers
  • Provide sales and service performance reports
  • Help improve responses to customer inquiries
  • Make suggestions based on customer insights, preferences and trends


Enable Company Growth

  • Help prepare for sizeable business volume and growth
  • Help integrate with new technology
  • Improve capabilities without major changes in business strategy
  • Improve the quality of services

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