National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


Truck drivers are one of the most important, yet unappreciated professionals in the US. The job isn’t easy – it’s full of risks and challenges. Truck drivers deliver about 70% of all freight in the U.S. — they provide life’s essentials. Almost 80% of US communities depend solely on the trucking industry for the delivery of goods.  Without drivers, there would be no food at the supermarket, no medicine in the hospitals, and no fuel at the gas station.

To honor the more than 3 million truck drivers, the ATA established National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in 1988. This year, celebrations take place from September 13-19. Carriers, shippers, industry leaders and the ATA itself will host events, award ceremonies and parties to acknowledge the hard work of America’s truck drivers.

Our country’s drivers deserve our respect for their hard work and commitment. The industry is experiencing a long-term driver shortage – probably because a driver’s job is known for tough work hours, a high level of responsibility and comparatively small pay.

Here are a few more reasons to support drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (and every week):

  • The average truck driver drives 112,000+ miles and spends 200 nights at work every year
  • Driving a commercial truck requires special skills and extra attention for monitoring the road. After hitting brakes, a truck passes the length of a football field before a full stop.
  • Trucking is a dangerous job with constant risk of injury and death. About 130,000 people get injured in traffic accidents every year.
  • Drivers often don’t have the simple comforts of home like a cozy bed, proper rest and home cooked meals.

What can people do in order to show their appreciation? Show extra caution when passing trucks on the highway. Acknowledge the hard work trick drivers do for you. Share your gratitude on social media, using the hashtag #NTDAW.

PLS Logistics partners with carriers who employ thousands of drivers. These individuals help make safe and efficient transportation a reality. We celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week to express our respect and say thank you to all trucking professionals.

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