May Transportation News Round Up


Here are 5 of the most talked about logistics and transportation news stories from this month, check them out:

  • More Temporary Extensions for US Infrastructure. Law makers scramble to agree upon federal transportation infrastructure solution as the May 31 deadline approaches. Congress has only come up with (another) short-term fix. A long-term highway bill is needed to fix the Highway Trust Fund.
  • The Inspiration Truck Debuts. Freightliner debuted a partially autonomous big rig in hopes its use will mitigate driver fatigue and stress, which should help decrease truck accident statistics. Today, 90% of truck crashes are due to driver error, and in many of those crashes fatigue plays a role.
  • Trucking Revenues Reach Highest Figure in History. The $700.4 billion in profits is because of growing freight volumes, tight capacity and lower fuel prices. The revenue accounts for 80.3% of all freight transportation spending – proving that trucking is and will continue to be the dominant way goods are moved in the US.
  • Walmart Launches Fast Delivery Service. Wal-Mart’s unnamed delivery service is an attempt to compete with Amazon’s Prime shipping service. Walmart’s new, unlimited shipping service will launch in late spring or early summer. At $50 a year, invited customers can buy eligible products and expect them within 3 days or less.
  • Largest Recall in US History – Includes Commercial Vehicles. Takata, an airbag manufacturer, admitted that unsafe, malfunctioning airbags have been inserted into millions of vehicles, provoking the biggest recall in US history – 34 million vehicles, including the commercial vehicle maker, Daimler Trucks. Daimler is inspecting the potentially affected vehicles and the DOT has created a new website to provide regular updates on the status of the recalls and NHTSA’s investigation.

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