March Transportation News Round Up


We’ve rounded up the top 5 news stories from March that are impacting the transportation industry.

  • Delays from the Snowy Winter: More than 70% of the nation’s roads are in snowy regions. Winter weather is finally fading, but the snow storms caused major shipping delays.
  • West Coast Begins to Clear Ports: Congestion at the busiest West Coast seaports began to unwind after a February 20 resolution to a long labor dispute. Officials have declared it will take as long as 3 months to clear the backlog.
  • Pool Created to Tackle West Coast Shortage: 3 of the largest intermodal chassis owners said they have begun operating a pool at the nation’s 2 largest Western ports to improve trucking operations. While chassis use is being pooled, each of the company’s providing the equipment will set their own rates and terms.
  • Truck Market is Great, Besides Shortage: Truckload fleets are experiencing a truly great environment; good economy, high rates, low fuel prices. Except there is still a driver shortage, which is affecting everyone.
  • Smart Containers Coming: The industry’s first smart containers are coming. With this improved technology, a supply chain manager can learn in real-time the containers location, temperature, regulatory status and more.

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