Logistics at the 2012 Summer Olympics


The two weeks of summer that everyone has been waiting for are finally here – The Olympic Games. Taking place in London, England this year, the Olympics is one of the most watched sporting events on the planet. With this much national attention, a copious amount of detail and planning must go into the preparation of the Games. This entails a huge logistical challenge in how to overcome the mass transportation of products, athletes, workers and attendees to the London Olympics. We have provided you with some Summer Olympics logistical statistics:

  • UPS had to prepare and ship 4,283 whistles, 600 basketballs, 26,400 tennis balls, 15,000 computers and a couple hundred thousand chairs for the Olympic Games.
  • 766 miles of fabric are needed for the Games Maker uniforms.
  • 800,000 ticketed spectators will use public transport on the busiest day
  • One million square feet of warehouse space is needed for logistics.
  • There are 15,000 deliveries by a fleet of 300 trucks.
  • The Games provides 14 million meals consisting of 25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tons of potatoes, 82 tons of seafood, 31 tons of poultry items, 100 tons of meat, 75,000 liters of milk, 19 tons of eggs, 21 tons of cheese, and 330 tons of fruit/vegetables.
  • There are usually 3.5m journeys a day on the Underground. Another 20m trips are made by spectators alone within London during the 2012 Games – including 3m spectators on the busiest day.
  • 2,500 tent units are used which equates to 2.5m square feet – enough to cover all of Hong Kong.
  • There is 10,000 tons of steel in the Olympic Stadium, which took three years to construct. This makes it 75 percent lighter in terms of steel use than other stadiums.

These only touch on some of the statistics of the Olympics that are needed to make this distinguishable event happen. But this just goes to show how much logistics factors into your everyday life.

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