It’s the Holiday Season Again, Time for Shipping Delays


Still searching online last-minute holiday gifts? Well, you are one of the millions this holiday season to use an e-commerce site to do their shopping. Whether you ordered something for your home, business, or a loved one, expect to see some delays in delivery.

It happens every year, all the last-minute items needing to be shipped cause delays for all those involved in the shipping cycle. Everyone has been working hard to process the higher than predicted number of shipments so they can arrive at their destinations in time.

UPS is facing an unusually high volume of daily packages this year according to several news sources. Even throughout their busy schedule, they still intend to successfully deliver all the packages on time… all 750 million of them. FedEx is also in the same boat as UPS with a high volume of packages. DHL is planning to hire an estimated 6,000 employees to assist with their December operations across North America.

The delays are being blamed on the improper use of technology and an unstable retail environment. But the limited air space and truck space create strict movement. “During the holidays, there simply isn’t enough capacity,” according to Sam Cinquegrani, Founder and CEO of ObjectWave. The capacity was already at a high, but the demand from the holidays creates further restrictions.

To combat the delays and spread out capacity, companies like FedEx and UPS have been working directly with retailers nationwide to prevent a high amount of shipments on peak days. Together, they increase the prices of shipping rates for those peak days and offer a cheaper alternative for slower shipping.

If we are to help with delays in the future, the use of the Amazon drone would be beneficial in taking some of the stress away from carriers and shippers, but there are also the consumer options such as Amazon Locker. Using options that allow the consumer to reach their goods using their own mobility are low cost compared to the implementation of drones (which the technology is not quite there yet) and they can easily be incorporated into day-to-day operations.

At PLS, we have the benefit of being able to link numerous carriers in order to successfully move shipments. Look for our help if you find yourself in a bind to move a load this holiday season, or any season for that matter!

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