How to Compete with E-Commerce Giants


Today it seems like e-commerce giants are taking over the industry. It is possible for small and mid-sized companies to compete with these e-commerce companies with a little bit of creativity, a strong supply chain and great customer service. Companies like Amazon can often seem difficult to compete with, but following these helpful tips can help your business stand out among these companies and bring in customers.

Provide excellent customer service

Make sure that your customers are having a positive experience with your company. This includes visiting your website all the way to the delivery to their location. Whenever customers have a negative experience, make sure to offer a refund, return or replacement to build a positive relationship with them and keep them coming back to your company or service.

Offer real-time tracking


If you are a company that sells products online to customers, you should provide real-time tracking for them so that they can track their package. Putting customers in control of their purchase or shipment can result in positive reviews of your services.

Verbal communication is key

Actual human interaction in today’s tech-friendly environment can go a long way. Many customers appreciate when they can talk to an actual person on the phone instead of a voice generated response system. Taking the time to personally address your customers is a great and easy way to deliver quality customer service.

Manage shipping costs

It is important to manage shipping costs to achieve profitable growth. Can your business afford faster delivery times? Consider consolidating shipments and/or changing small parcel service levels.

Prepare to adapt quickly

The e-commerce market is constantly changing. Stay ahead of industry trends and introduce new products or services before competitors.

With technology becoming such an important part of our everyday lives, e-commerce giants will continue to grow and dominate the industry. Using a good strategy and interacting with your customers can help your business stand out against these major companies and add to your businesses success.

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