How to Choose a Logistics Company


Recent events, like the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and a spike in e-commerce growth, are making freight shipping even more important. The demand for efficient and reliable freight shipping is rising. Companies all over the world ramp up their supply chains and change their logistics strategy to adjust to current market challenges and gain a competitive advantage in the tight market. Working with a reliable, reputable, and skilled logistics company is a necessity for a seamless, transparent, and efficient supply chain.

The role of logistics companies

The freight shipping industry is a crucial component of the global economy. It is a driving force of the world’s trade and the industry that supplies people with the necessary goods day-to-day. Just in the US alone there are almost 6 trillion ton-miles of freight moved annually.

Many businesses try and manage their transportation in-house, however, this can be costly, complicated, and lack visibility as well as efficiency. That’s why more and more companies outsource their logistics operations or even the entire supply chains to logistics companies. Once you’ve decided to use professional services for your business transportation needs, the next step is to choose a freight shipping company. Before setting up a partnership with any company, try to research the market and consider a few important markers.

How to choose a suitable logistics company?

1. Experience and expertise

Transportation and logistics are complicated industries, saturated with severe competition. If a company has survived on the market and established itself, it probably didn’t happen overnight. Additionally, look at their expertise field, and specialization. Maybe, the company’s strongest specialty is right along with what you’ve been searching for.

2. Logistics services

Essentially, logistics services are what you will need from the freight shipping company in the first place. To start with, clearly define which services you require. Once you’ve determined your needs, look at the shipping providers with expertise in a certain field and service. What companies do they work with? How exactly can they help you? How do they distinguish themselves from competitors? Keep all of these questions in mind during your research.

3. Freight carriers

It doesn’t matter if you ship cross-country or globally, you want access to skilled carriers and capacity. Hence, a wide network of reputable carriers is definitely on a ‘must-have’ list of a good freight shipping company. Depending on the provider’s primary field, the ratio of carriers can vary. So, make sure to match the company with your needs. For instance, if you ship oversized loads, you would probably benefit from a broad network of flatbed carriers.

4. Customer Service

Ultimately, when you’ve decided on a few viable options, it’s time to do the final check: customer service. A good company cares about prospects and customers and will help you answer your questions. In order to define whether the chosen provider will deliver a positive customer experience, look at the communication. Whether you’re asking for a freight quote or general consultancy, a reliable shipping company will help you and respond on time.

Choosing a Logistics Company: Freight Shipping with PLS

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