How Does Technology Help Reduce LTL Costs?


Technology has made a huge impact in the shipping industry and can help companies reduce costs and save time when managing their supply chain. If you learn how technology can benefit your shipping needs, you can integrate and improve your shipping strategy.

LTL shipping is a great resource for smaller companies to use when they want to try and save money on both frequent and sporadic shipments. There are many ways to reduce LTL shipping costs, and technology seems to be the best solution for this purpose.

Among well-known innovations, transportation management systems (TMS) are vital for collecting data and proper decision-making. It allows you to gather and organize all the information about the shipping process, therefore allowing you to analyze and make the right conclusions about your companies shipping efforts. It might not seem evident, but proper forecasting and effective decisions can save shippers lots of money. A TMS is a universal, multi-functional tool that can upgrade the company’s performance to a higher level.

Outsourcing to a third-party logistics service can be very beneficial, as they offer helpful services and possess a wide range of automation tools. Many businesses don’t want to spend time and money maintaining their own transportation management, and instead choose to work with a 3PL provider that can help take the burden off of the company’s shoulders.

Another trend in LTL shipping is real-time visibility of shipments. Because of the excessive growth of e-commerce and its impact toward the logistics industry, the definition of excellent service is expanding. Shipment visibility keeps customers aware of the freight location and notifies them quickly about the circumstances that require immediate feedback.

As quality customer service depends on speed and quick feedback, the future of LTL shipping is heading towards automation. While GPS and hands-off devices are nothing new, the Internet of Things (IoT) still spreads confusion. IoT means connecting various items to digital devices that gather data, such as temperature, humidity, speed, and other characteristics. Such operations make the shipping process faster and easy to operate, so you can immediately react to updates on the shipment. Mobile apps simplify the transportation process for shippers and carriers as well.

Taking into account all the benefits business can get from utilizing new technologies, it is a must to stay updated on new industry trends. Applying some of the mentioned technologies can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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