First Steps in Outsourcing Your Transportation Management


Many companies eventually come to the point when they realize it’s time to outsource their transportation management. Whether you are a large company or a small business, a good 3PL can help make your logistics operations more efficient and less stressful as well as increase customer satisfaction and help reduce transportation costs.

Managing your transportation needs, even if you don’t ship that much, may often be quite a hassle. If you are not a logistics professional, but transportation management is part of your duties – are you sure your logistics operations are as efficient as they could be? Are you doing well in times of capacity crisis?

If you decide to upgrade your transportation management and start outsourcing it to a 3PL, where do you start?

Do your research

Research a few options, make sure that the 3PL you will partner up with has the expertise to handle your transportation management. Take the time to communicate with their representative to discuss your transportation needs and requirements, and see what solutions they can offer your company.

Find out what they offer

Have a conversation with a 3PL representative about your product and requirements. Find out what shipping options and modes of transportation they can offer. Take advantage of their expertise. For example, you have never considered shipping your freight as volume LTL, which may end up being the perfect and cost-effective option for your shipments if you take advantage of the 3PL’s pre-negotiated rates.


Be open to suggestions

3PL’s work with a large number of very diverse customers – they’ve seen it all! Don’t fall into the trap of sticking to old and comfortable. Take advantage of their expertise and deep knowledge of the industry and the trends. Let yourself be open-minded. 3PL will be your loyal partner and wise consultant when it comes to your transportation management.

Outsourcing your logistics operations may seem new and odd at first, but if you find the right 3PL you can rely on, it will certainly help you improve your daily transportation management experience. If you are considering outsourcing, one of our logistics professionals will be happy to discuss your transportation needs with you and offer advice.

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