Capabilities and Benefits of Shipment Tracking


Shipment tracking technology enables shippers to be in control of their transportation and locate freight at any point in its journey. Track and trace features are available on a transportation management system (TMS). With this technology, you have the insight into carrier performance, transportation costs and market trends as you manage your logistics. Shipment tracking is a necessary element of supply chain management.

Reduce Costs, Improve Processes

  • Tracking your freight’s journey follows service levels and fees. Using the data that a TMS generates, shippers can analyze and communicate with carriers, checking in on pickup time, in-transit time and delays. When shippers oversee carrier performance, they can make cost-effective changes to improve the supply chain.

Gain Visibility, Enhance Performance

  • With shipment tracking functionality, metrics pertaining to freight movement can be easily monitored. Visibility is gained in outbound and inbound transportation and is especially useful for outgoing freight because you can see the shipment’s progress and determine if you need to notify your customer of a delay. When shippers take advantage of tracking, they can determine which mode and/or carrier is most reliable which provides the opportunity to improve processes.

Better Customer Experience, Minimize Delays

  • Tracking shipments is critical to the customer experience – nearly half of Americans pay attention to shipping as part of their overall shopping experience. The ability to track your freight provides peace-of-mind to the end-user. Shippers will know where their shipment is, and can notify the customer of changes, status, and delivery.

Today, cloud technology has changed how businesses use and benefit from a TMS. With SaaS technology, shippers no longer need to front the money for technology; it’s web-based, where you pay for what you use. Since a capacity shortage, adherence to government mandates and rising transportation prices are predicted to hit the market soon, shippers have a lot to gain from a TMS and its track and trace features.

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