August Transportation News Round Up


We’ve kept track of the many news stories and topics affecting transportation, supply chain and logistics this month. Here is quick summary of some of the trendiest topics out there:

  • BF Goodrich Recalls Commercial Light Truck Tires. BF Goodrich Tires recalled about 129,000 commercial tires. The recall was reported to the NHTSA because the tires have experienced a rapid loss of air pressure. The product recall greatly effects the US market since about 104,000 of the recalled tires were sold in the US. To date, there have been no injuries or deaths reported due to the tires.
  • Foxx Sued by Bankrupt Bus Company. Allegations surfaced that Andrew Foxx, US Transportation Secretary, was paid nearly half a million dollars by a bus company during his former role as mayor of Charlotte, NC. The company, DesignLine, is now bankrupt. Foxx’s lawyer said that he expects the suit to resolve in Foxx’s favor.
  • Platooning System On-Highway Testing. In 2016, Pelton Technology’s platooning system will be introduced to a trucking fleet’s operations. The plan is to show how effective the technology is for fuel economy and safety. So far, Pelton has tested its platooning system for about 15,000 highway miles. (What is platooning? Learn more here.)
  • Diesel Average Falls (Again). Throughout August, diesel prices continued to drop. For the week of August 3rd, the average price of a gallon of on-highway diesel fuel was down for the 10th consecutive week, according to the US Energy Department. The following week marked an 11-week slide; the price dropped 5 cents per gallon. Then, the week of August 17th the average price showed a slight fluctuation, barely extending a 12-week streak of falling prices.
  • UPS Completes Acquisition of Coyote Logistics. The acquisition was made official on July 31. The deal, closed at $1.8 billion, is significant because it equips UPS as a major player in an increasingly crowded truckload brokerage space. UPS said Coyote will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS.

Catch up on news you’ve missed from the past couple of month’s here:


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