Addressing Customer Satisfaction with Freight Management


In a few years, 89% of companies will compete almost entirely on customer experience. “Options are no longer a privilege during the shopping experience,” says Christoph Stehmann, COO of Digital Commerce Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “Retailers must focus on offering diverse options in order to attract consumers throughout their shopping experiences.”

Consumers are demanding because they’re more informed than ever before. The popularity of online shopping has empowered consumers to expect low prices, multiple shipping options, free returns and quick, on-time delivery.

93% of consumers find shipping options to be an important factor in their overall shopping experience. Business are finding it harder and harder to meet on-time delivery promises to customers because of obstacles like the truck-driver shortage and the difficulty of last mile logistics.

How can freight management help overcome these roadblocks? Businesses are responding to delivery demands by strengthening carrier relationships and monitoring performance metrics.

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • A static or slow supply chain process won’t work with high demand for quick delivery.
  • Inbound Freight Management
  • Lower costs by moving from a Freight Paid to Freight Collect method. Freight Paid is when costs are paid by the shipper. Freight Collect is when costs are paid by the consignee.
  • Transportation Management System
  • Real-time and historic data reveals trends so that companies can make more informed decisions, identify inefficiencies and reduce overall costs.

As consumer’s shipping expectations continue to increase, retailers must pay attention to their shipping options and service. Changing supply chain processes to be proactive and collaborative, managing inbound freight moves, and implementing transportation management software will create operational efficiency which will benefit the end-consumer.

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