A Simple System for Small Shippers to Automate Transportation Management


Do you still coordinate transportation operations manually?  Shippers who operate this way don’t reach the best decisions and usually make costly administrative mistakes, sometimes without even knowing it.  Automating transportation management provides numerous opportunities to save money and time while creating better service for customers.

The problem: small shippers can’t afford a transportation management system (TMS), don’t have time to implement one, or assume a TMS won’t help them because their shipment volume is low.

The solution: utilize a Software as a Service (SaaS) TMS.  SaaS TMS software is a way to provide TMS technology that can be accessed through any device with internet connection.  It brings shippers and carriers together through the same web-based portal.

The most important benefit of SaaS TMS software for small shippers: the fast return on investment (ROI) after implementation.

A SaaS TMS has an ideal cost structure for those who only make a few shipments each month – you pay for what you use.  There’s no upfront investment in technology, no paying for expensive upgrades, and no lengthy waiting period for implementation and integration.

Since the technology is accessible in one location to all users, all you have to do is log in and choose the lowest cost or preferred carrier.  Due to the speed of implementation, any company will see ROI immediately.

SaaS TMS software produces ROI right away.  Part of why this is possible is because the TMS technology makes it so easy to find ROI.

Since carriers and shippers come together through the same platform, all transactions are run through the same system, allowing custom reporting based on historical shipping performance and more accurate estimates of freight costs, class and transit time.

Armed with this information, a shipper can begin optimizing transportation operations.  There are 3 areas that are easy to find ROI right after implementation of a SaaS TMS: usage of preferred carriers, mode selection and routing.  With the data you want and the ability to choose the best carrier, the best mode and the best route, shipping operations will be at peak performance.

SaaS TMS software is the best transportation management choice for small shippers.  It has an ideal cost structure, is easy to implement and will provide ROI quickly.

Do you have experience with TMS implementation?  Let us know in the comments below.

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