5 Trending Transportation Updates: May 2017


More Diabetic Drivers Seek Exemptions. Insulin-dependent drivers are requesting exemption to stay behind the wheel, but the current approval process is inefficient. Drivers face long-waits when seeking exemptions due to vague medial guidelines. However, over half of drivers seeking exemptions are getting the FMCSA approval stamp, compared to 39% two years ago. (Read more here).

Road congestion

New Regulations have suppliers struggling. Technology is being used more now than ever to help meet new federal regulations. This will affect the transportation of food, the electronic log for drivers, and essentially make trucking operations more efficient. (Read more here).

Road Congestion continues to strain the Trucking Industry. In 2015, over $60 billion in operating costs was added solely due to traffic congestion. Extreme weather and poor infrastructure contributed to the congestion, which cost companies for driver downtime and late/no show expenses. (Read more here).

Uber Freight Threatens Trucking. Uber’s continued success in transporting passengers inspired the company to target trucking as its next big project. In mid-May, the company launched Uber Freight, which “provides one-touch booking for drivers”. (Read more here).

Intermodal usage on the rise. In the first quarter of 2017, there was a 2% increase in intermodal traffic. This rise stems from higher container and trailer volumes, which signals a rebound from the 2016 slump. (Read more here).

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